We Offer Many Coating Techniques For Our Customers.

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The powder coating techniques used by Erie Powder Coating vary with the customer's parts or product to be powder coated.

Most often, the electrostatic spray method is employed if 2-3 mils is enough of a coating. Usually, Epoxy, Hybrid or Polyester powder coatings are applied this way.

However, a tribo (airstatic) technique can be employed to accomodate a particular product characteristic. This "powderstatic" spray method can also be applied cold up to 10 mils in one pass.

A preheated part using a flocking technique can achieve a thicker coating if desired.

A flamespray method can be utilized to produce a tougher, heavier coating of "armor like" finish if necessary.

The fluidized-bed powder dip method is employed for heavier protective coatings. Usually vinyls, nylons and polyethylenes are coated this way. Thicker coatings can often create an aesthetic as well as functional advantages in the market place.

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