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Erie Powder Coating is an experience trade coater located in Girard, Pennsylvania. The Girard plant is easily accessible from Ohio or New York via I-90. The Erie, Pennsylvania I-79 interchange is in close proximity. Since 1984, the employee-owned corporation has coated a diversity of products for its customers utilizing both thermoset and thermoplastic powders.

With emphasis on high quality custom coating work, EPC uses manual spray guns for most of its epoxy and polyester production runs. This manual spray method facilitates attention-to-detail required by custom powder coating work.

EPC, a pioneer of the fluidized-bed process, also applies thicker, thermoplastic coatings such as vinyl, nylon and polyethylene.

EPC inventories many colors accomodating its customers. This color ready inventory reduces turnaround time for the customer. Locating the exact color for the customer is normally as easy as identifying the Standard RAL Color Number.